Command Menu for GitHub

Jumpcat is a browser extension that adds a VSCode-like command menu to GitHub. Move through GitHub at the speed of thought.

GitHub History

Jumpcat tracks your GitHub browsing activities and stores all the data safely and securely local in your browser. Sensitive data is never tracked.

Open Jumpcat with:

Press and J and to to open the command menu


Jumpcat integrates with your browser's address bar. This allows you to search for specific GitHub content without getting noisy results from your browser history.

Start searching with:

Type j+space followed by your search in your browser's address bar.


Most of the pages on Github have a keyboard shortcut to perform certain actions faster. Commands allow you to quickly access and learn these shortcuts. However, Jumpcat comes with a few custom commands that will save you a few UI clicks.

Open Jumpcat in command mode with:

Press and and J to to open the command menu


Jumpcat provides the fastest way to navigate through Inspired by VS Code Command Palette, tailored for and your needs.

  • Your GitHub browse history at your fingertips
  • 30+ commands to accomplish common tasks faster
  • Omnibox integration
  • Learn GitHub shortcuts as you go

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